Friday, September 6, 2013

Antara sifat terpuji Muhammad Rasulullah ialah sentiasa bersangka baik pada manusia & 
Allah S.W.T @ Positive presumption to human & ALLAH S.W.T is a character or 
quality of Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah S.A.W

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Learning English

Learning English - Lesson One (Introduction)

Learning English -- Lesson Nine ( F A M E )

Learning English - Lesson Eleven (Irony and Coincidence)

Learning English - Lesson Twelve (All about you!)

Learning English - Lesson Thirteen ( Grammar! )

Learn Japanese Basic

Learn Japanese Phrases

Learn Japanese Vocabulary and Kanji _ Relationships

Learn Japanese Basic _ (Lesson Basic japanese Words (Tutorial)

Learn Basic Japanese_ Greetings (Lesson 1)

Learn Basic Japanese_  Sentence Structures (Lesson 2)

Learn Japanese Basic 1000 Japanese Word's part 2

learn Spanish Just Enough

Learn Spanish . 1

Learn Spanish 400 words

learn Spanish_ Just Enough Spanish

Learn Malay Language-Belajar Bahasa Melayu Ep.1

Learn Malay Language-Belajar Bahasa Melayu Ep.2

Learn Malay Language - Belajar Bahasa Melayu Ep 3

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Learn Chinese

Mandarin Chinese_ Basic Verbs

13 Basic Mandarin Chinese Phrases 

DayOne Mandarin_ Just Enough Mandarin for Your First Day

 Learn How to Speak Chinese

DayOne French

Just Enough French for your First Day in Paris- Learn French